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mobile presets

Bright & Clean

Use these bright and Airy mobile presets/filters with the FREE Lightroom Mobile app and transform your photos within seconds!

JOYFUL.           TRUE TO LIFE. 

wedding vendors.
business owners.
anyone with a smartphone.

start geting joyful, consistent, eye-catching phone photos. easy peasy. No experience required!

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presets for a cause

10% of our preset sales go toward an orphanage in India that rescues girls from sex trafficking and slavery

*Please note these presets ONLY work on Lightroom Mobile and not the desktop version of Lightroom

*Digital products are non-refundable 

This step-by-step guide will tell you everything you need to know to install and use our presets!

STEP-BY-STEP installation guide +  video

Made for the traveler in you. Makes landscapes pop!



For cloudy days. Has slight dehazing effect

9. cloudy-ish

neutral and true-to-life. perfect for ALL photos, especially at The Mothership(aka The Silos)

8. magnolia

specifically for bathroom selfies and indoor photos with bad light

7. mirror mirror

For when a photo just needs a LITTLE something

6. just a little bit

Brightens and adds a subtle warmth to your photo


5. spring

Gives your photos extra pop while keeping it neutral


4. neutral

For photos that have an overall pink tone



Enhances your tan for a sun-kissed glow


2. glow up

A good starting place for all photos, indoor or out!

1. Basic mobile

We have a preset for every lighting situation you will face! 

11 presets/Filters

what's included


For catching that golden hour glow right before sunset


Edit your phone photos with one tap

11 bright and airy mobile presets that were meticulously created by a professional photographer

Step-by-step instructions + videos on how to use them

Save time and money! You don't need to edit by hand and you don't need a fancy camera to get great images 🙌


Reviews from our mobile preset users: 

“10/10 recommend. I've bought a few other mobile presets that looked amazing on other people's photos and when I used them I hated them. But Allison's are amazingggg. And you get soooo many amazing options. I use them all the time now. 🙃" 

"I absolutely love these presets and the directions with it were so easy to follow and upload !! I would highly recommend ❤️"


"Your mobile presets do so much to enhance my photos! They bring light and life to photos that are otherwise dark and drab, and make colors pop in all the right places. It also doesn’t hurt that they make my amateur iPhone photos coordinate with the professional photos you’ve taken of us, both in my Instagram feed and printed in our home. ☺️"

Allison's Bright & Clean mobile presets are amazing! I have used them for pictures of my dog, nature photos, family snaps, and even selfies lol. It's a game changer for quick snapshots with your iPhone. My pictures now look like professionals! We have a little baby on the way, and I cannot wait to use these presets for photos of our sweet one! <3
-Nicole R

"Absolutely love Allison’s presets! I have the first and second collection and they all work so beautifully! Her instructions and simple and easy to follow making using her presets the easiest ever✨"

-Jaz L

"Allison Jeffers Photography is the best! Her presets absolutely transform any photo into a work of art! So glad I got these before our baby comes."

-Devin V

Great Presets!

"I love how easily I can edit my pictures!!"

-Jordan M

Check out these transformations!
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How it works

Download the free Lightroom mobile app

install the presets into the lightroom app (we'll guide you step-by-step through the process)

start adding magic to your phone pics in a jiffy!

frequently asked questions

Q. What is a mobile preset?

Q. What is a mobile preset?

A.  Basically, they are filters for your phone photos that are completely customizable (and magical) that work with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App! When you purchase our preset collection we will send step-by-step instructions to get you all set up. 

LIGHTROOM = The free app we use to edit
MOBILE = Phone 📱
PRESET = A saved formula of adjustments that I created to save time (+ add my magic) while editing photos ✨  

To Break it down...

Q. can i test these out before I purchase?

Q. can i test these out before I purchase?

A.  Absolutely! Send us 3-5 images at and we'll show you what your photos will look like with our presets along with a video on how we edit them! 

Q. do these presets alter the image resolution? 

Q. do these presets alter the image resolution? 

A.  Not at all! Just be sure you are editing your original photo, not a screenshot.

Q. What If i'm not a photographer or influencer? 

Q. What If i'm not a photographer or influencer? 

A.  Our presets are for everyone who wants joyful and bright phone photos! We include step-by-step instructions on how to download, install, and use the presets. We've had great feedback about how easy these are to use, especially from Moms. 

Q. is there a monthly fee involved? 

Q. is there a monthly fee involved? 

A. No monthly fees! You have the option to upgrade the free lightroom app for additional features, but they are not necessary for using our preset collection.

Q. how and When will i receive the presets?

Q. how and When will i receive the presets?

A. After you purchase our preset collection we will send you an email with all of the presets and instructions on how to use them. The best part? They are yours to keep FOREVER! Even if you get a new phone!

Q. how are these presets different than others?

Q. how are these presets different than others?

A. Our preset collection is created by an actual photographer with YOU in mind! we've gone through hours of testing our presets on photos from people who are not photographers or professionals to ensure that our presets look amazing on ALL photos! We have received many reviews that confirm these are the BEST lightroom mobile presets on the market! There are no bright and clean presets like these anywhere else!  

Q. my question isn't on the list

Q. my question isn't on the list

A. email us at and we will get back with you within 48 hours! 

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