I'm not your typical wedding photographer. I didn't come out of the womb with a camera in my hand, and I didn't know what an F stop even was until college! I started out as an RN hustling the side business, and before I knew it I was living my [very successful] photography dream full time. 
 I’ve always had a passion for teaching others, and I want to help photographers chase their dreams. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, working the side hustle, or you got your first DSLR camera for Christmas, I hope you enjoy these free resources! 


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Learn everything you need to know about lighting, settings, and posing the rings!

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You don’t have to have shiny new equipment to be a photography boss. Grab my gear list here!

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    There are some exciting things happening over here that you don't want to miss! My number one question is "how do you edit?" My number two question is "how do you book so many weddings consistently?" 


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    As a new photographer I didn’t know which editing software was most efficient, or which business apps to use, or where to even print my business cards! I wasted so much valuable time researching the best of the best, and I want to share my absolute can’t-live-without resources so you can grow your business instead of reinventing the wheel. 

    (Side note: I’m an affiliate for some of these amazing companies, so I get a small commission whenever a purchase is made from clicking on the links below. It helps fund free information like this, and rest assured, I only endorse products and resources that I use and love! I hope this saves you so much time AND money!)

    my favorite tools and resources

    my favorite tools
    and resources

    lightroom & photoshop

    photo mechanic

    photographer's edit




    cg pro prints

    think tank








    mile iq




    website & blog

    editing software



    online photo gallery

    preparing blog images

    album design

    canvas prints

    rolling bags

    flash modifiers

    client management system

    virtual bookkeeper

    tracking miles

    business cards

    online payments

    email scheduling




    Keep up with contracts, invoices, payment schedules, emails, and more! It’s easy to set up and easy to use! Click here to get 20% off 

    We use Lightroom to edit all of our sessions and Photoshop to design custom blog feature images.

    Renders your images at lightning speed so you can quickly and efficiently choose the images you want to edit. 

    We been using this for over a year and recommend them 100%. Get your life back and save 50% on your first order with Photographer’s Edit. Use code: AJSENTYOU

    We’ve been using this for YEARS! It is perfect for shooting and sharing AND in person sales. Set your own prices and easily share digital downloads with your clients! Plus, get an extra 10% off!

    Pair and size images for your blog seamlessly while saving you a TON of time!

    Seamlessly design album spreads in minutes! 

    Quality canvases that are actually affordable! Get $10 off your first order! 

    The best rolling bags in the business. The Airport Security V3 is TSA approved and fits ALL of my gear! #itsamiracle And the Airport Roller Derby is great for traveling lighter PLUS it has 360 degree wheels that make traveling from terminal to terminal a breeze. Get free gear + free shipping.

    Magmod magsphere—the best invention since sliced bread. Create beautiful soft light ON CAMERA!

    You’ll also need the Maggrip to attach the Magsphere to. 

    An affordable way to keep track of your expenses, income, and payroll. Sign up here and get 50% off your subscription PLUS a $50 Visa giftcard.

    The easiest way to keep track of your business miles. Get 20% off.

    Get 20% off your first order!

    The lowest credit card processing AND works with Dubsado! Get free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions.

    Schedule emails to send during regular business hours while you’re writing them at midnight. Boomerang will remind you to follow up with emails, as well. 

    What I use for printing client materials (like a magazine style guide!)

    Install ebates on your desktop for free and never miss a rebate! You can get paid to shop for everything! Even on amazon! Try Ebates now and receive $10 cash back!

    Save more money by installing honey on your desktop. It automatically notifies you if there’s a coupon code when you go to check out at any retailer and if you’re getting the best deal on that product. The best part? It's free!

    try showit

    try dubsado

    try quickbooks

    try mile Iq

    try moo

    try square

    try boomerang

    try blurb

    try ebates

    try honey

    try Creative cloud

    try photo mechanic

    try zenfolio

    try blogstomp

    try albumstomp

    try cg pro prints

    try think tank

    try magmod

    try photographer's edit


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