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August 30, 2014

Want beautiful, perfect photos on your wedding day? Here are some tips to help you organize and plan ahead!

1. Have an engagement or bridal session with your wedding photographer! I can’t stress enough how important this is, and how easy your wedding day portraits become. Typically, non-photographer humans are awkward in front of the camera and it takes a little while to become comfortable with posing and having your photo taken. Engagement sessions are perfect for getting past that rough stretch of road, and your wedding photos will come out even better since there’s no wasting time on your wedding day getting used to the camera! You’ll also have pretty pictures to display at the reception. #winningA Hotel Emma Bridal Session Wedding Photos by Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography_San Antonio Wedding Photographer

2. Details. I’m obsessed with details, and I LOVE it when my brides have everything ready when I get to the bridal room. Grab a bag, make a list of the little things you want photographed on your wedding day(lipstick, perfume, jewelry, shoes, etc), and keep them in your “detail bag.” It makes things so much easier on your photographer, and gives more time to take photos instead of hunting down your wedding fragrance. Also try to keep the bridal room clutter free. It makes for gorgeous photos! ;)2014 08 30 0001

3. Have all rings(and ring box or pillow) in said “detail bag.” There’s nothing worse than having to figure out “who has the rings?!” Put them on your detail list and put them in your bag the night before the wedding. There isn’t always (usually never) extra time after the ceremony for ring shots (and I really love ring shots!)2014 08 30 00022014 08 30 0003

4. Speaking of the ceremony, have you heard of “unplugged” ceremonies? I have to admit, sometimes I have a little too much fun taking photos of guests taking photos, but sometimes it can get a little out of hand. Go to google.com and search “unplugged wedding.” You’ll thank me later ;) (PS you can find cute signs like this on etsy!)



5. Family photos–they’re the most painstaking part of the whole day. The ceremony ends, Uncle Bob hits the bar for cocktail hour, and he’s missing for extended family portraits. To ensure family portraits go as smoothly as possible, let each family member know to stick around after the ceremony for photos. You can also have the minister make an announcement before releasing your guests from the ceremony.Sisterdale Dancehall Wedding 0001

6. Romantics–give about 15 minutes of photo time for you and your beloved AFTER family portraits! This way, you don’t have your whole family staring at you, waiting for for their turn. It also gives time for them to settle in at the reception area.2014 08 30 0004

7. Night Portraits. These are looked over by many, but they happen to be some of my favorites! When your photographer asks you “do you want to do some night shots?” The answer is “YES!” It only takes 10-15 minutes (maybe even less) and you’ll have some awesome art for your walls!2014 08 30 0005


8. Lighting! Professional lighting is often looked over and put on the back burner. Sad day. DJ’s often have packages that include uplighting. Ask them! You won’t be sorry! Oh, and when you have the option of having fog at your wedding, say “yes!” #fairytale <3

Amber Springs Montgomery Texas


9. Wedding coordinators and designers. I’m sure you have a cousin or aunt or sister who has graciously offered to help coordinate your day, but hiring a professional is the way to go. Not only do they “know” people (vendors, to be exact) and can pull strings your Aunt Sally can’t. They coordinate weddings for a living and know exactly what they’re doing. These two wedding designer/coordinator teams are wonderful. Check them out!

Viridian Design: http://www.viridiandesignstudio.com/

Jen Rios Design: http://www.jenriosweddings.com/


10. HAVE FUN! Weddings can be stressful. The best thing you can do is sit back, relax, let your wedding coordinator take care of everything, and have fun with your friends and family on the best day of your life.Lost Mission Wedding Photographer


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