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The Most Comfortable Shoes For Women Who Stand All Day | Texas Wedding Photographer I have searched FAR AND WIDE for the most comfortable shoes (that also look cute) for those who are on their feet all day at work. This post is actually a YEAR in the making because I wanted to make sure […]


October 2, 2020

The Best Shoes For Professionals Who Stand All Day | Comfort & Style

The best comfortable shoes for professionals who stand all day


Creating Light and Airy Reception Photos with Flash | Wedding Photography Educator If I were to choose ONE lighting setup to use for a full wedding I would choose my on camera flash with a magsphere attachment! I LOVE the Magmod Magsphere because it diffuses light beautifully and it’s so versatile. I use it every […]


January 30, 2019

THE Best Flash Accessory For Light and Airy Wedding Photos

MAGMOD MAGSPHERE reception light and airy photos


How To Take Instagram-Worthy Photos With Your Phone Whether you’re a social media influencer, mom, photographer, or somewhere in between, your best camera is the one you have with you! It’s a HASSLE to bring my “real” camera with me on vacation and I am so bad about not editing them (for years 😂😬), so […]

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January 25, 2019

6 Tips For Taking Beautiful Photos With Your PHONE

best lightroom mobile presets phone photos


The three MUST HAVE lenses for wedding photographers | Wedding Photography Education When I was just starting out as a photographer, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to invest in equipment. I winced at the thought of dropping $1800 for ONE LENS (hello 85 1.2 *insert heart eyes here*), so I rounded up the three […]


September 27, 2018

The Three Must Have Lenses for Wedding Photographers

camera lenses for photographing weddings


Free Instagram Story Template Quizzes + Instructions | Instagram “How To” I’ve been having SO much fun with these Insta story templates! seeing my friends’ answers seriously makes my day, so I want to share them with YOU! There are a few ways of saving these. you can go to my instagram story highlight and […]


September 14, 2018

Free Instagram Story Template Quizzes + “How To” Instructions

instagram story quiz templates


The “How” and “Why” of Using Macro Lens Filters + Freebie | Photography Tutorial After hearing about macro filters time after time (I hope that song isn’t stuck in your head now–you’re welcome ;) I finally became one of the cool kids and bought a set! However, finding tutorials on how to use them was […]

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August 20, 2018

How To: Macro Filters {+ FREE Step-By-Step Tutorial On Mastering The Perfect Ring Shot}

how to use macro filters for photography


How to Share Your Instagram Post to Your Instagram Story, Easy Peasy! If you’re like me, whenever you hit that “Share” button you know the clock is ticking! You have 10 minutes(rumor has it) to get your followers to see your post and interact with it before Instagram deems it “unworthy” and buries it. So […]


June 13, 2018

How To Share An Instagram Post To Your Instagram Story

instagram story2


How to Shoot Double Header Wedding Weekends without Dying | Photography Education It’s no secret that I shoot 30+ weddings per year (I blog every wedding!) and there are multiple weekends where I shoot a double header. My friends in the business are always asking me “HOW do you do that without dying?!” (We are […]

Ask Anything, Education

March 27, 2018

Tips For Shooting Double Headers | Photography Education

photography education


How To Share Photos on Instagram While Giving Proper Photo Credit | Texas Wedding Photographer This is a topic that seems to confuse a lot of Instagram users. I’ve seen many different forms of photographer “credit” given in photos, and, unfortunately, it’s not always correctly given. I’m not here to call people out, but I […]


March 22, 2018

How To Credit Photos On Instagram

how to give photo credit on instagram 1


DIY Quick Bridal Fair Booth For $100 | Photography Education I have to be upfront with you and let you know that until now, I’ve never had a bridal fair booth or a table at an open house. The reasoning why is for another blog post, but when I found out I was having an 8 […]

Ask Anything, Education

February 12, 2018

DIY | How To Build a Bridal Show Booth For $100

BlogPostTemplatebridal booth 2

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