How To Share An Instagram Post To Your Instagram Story

June 13, 2018

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instagram story2How to Share Your Instagram Post to Your Instagram Story, Easy Peasy!

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If you’re like me, whenever you hit that “Share” button you know the clock is ticking! You have 10 minutes(rumor has it) to get your followers to see your post and interact with it before Instagram deems it “unworthy” and buries it. So you take a screenshot of your feed and add it to your Instagram story with an irresistible call-to-action Gif or sticker and hope people figure out how to get to your IG feed from your story (most don’t!).

There’s a new feature in Town

Now you can share your post directly to your story! When people tap on the image, a little bubble pops up and says “see post.” Easy peasy!

But something I really hate is when I search something like “How to share my Instagram post to my Instagram story” on Google and the articles are ten MILLION words long! When in reality, it’s very simple! So I’ll get to the point here :)

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1.Go to the instagram post (it can be your own post or a friend’s!). Now tap the little arrow icon under the photo to share! 

how to share your instagram post to your instagram story

2. select “Add post to your story”

how to share your instagram post to your instagram story


3. Customize your story (add stickers or Gifs or locations) and then tap the icon at the bottom left corner that says “Your story.”

how to share your instagram post to your instagram story

Voila! That’s it! Now you’re one of the cool kids 😎 When your story viewers tap on the image in your story they can go directly to your post! So if you’ve been screenshot-ing (I think I just made up a word lol) your feed and sharing it on your story, you can try this new and improved way to get traffic to your newest post! So easy!

PS You can also share posts from other accounts in your story the exact same way! 

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