The Best Gluten Free Restaurants in NYC

August 8, 2018

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the best gluten free restaurants in nyc

My Favorite Restaurants with Gluten Free Options in NYC

We just got back from our trip to New York, and I wanted to share my gluten free finds while I was there! While I’m not a celiac sufferer, I do notice a HUGE difference when I eat gluten, so I avoid it routinely.

I must say when I googled “Restaurants in New York City that are gluten free” I came up pretty short, but when we ate at restaurants that weren’t on my list it was easy to find things besides salad that I could eat. With that being said, I’ll jump right to it!

I’ll start with my favorite restaurants that offer gluten free options:


BEC (Bacon Egg Cheese)

This restaurant is not 100% gluten free, but it does offer gluten free bread for the sandwich of your choice! I ordered the BEC Classic + avocado and OH EM GEE it was AMAZING. We ordered online and it was to our door in about 15 minutes. That’s the amount of time it would have taken us to walk there!Gluten free restaurants in NYC what to eat 0004



This restaurant was so good, we ate there TWICE. The first time we ordered online and had it delivered to our room. It took about 30 minutes, which is about the same amount of time it would take us just to walk to the restaurant and back (#winning!) My husband got the spicy prosciutto pizza and I got the spinach artichoke pizza. They were both SO GOOD. I was really surprised that the crust was actually tasty and didn’t fall apart. It wasn’t soggy either, even after being delivered! PLUS it was gluten free AND grain free.

The Second time we ate there I ordered the chicken pesto penne and Jason ordered the chicken parmesan. Both Gluten Free and so very tasty.Gluten free restaurants in NYC what to eat 0003


Senza Gluten

This was actually our favoritest restaurant, but we only got to order from there once. They are a 100% dedicated gluten free restaurant, so those who have celiac can eat there knowing they won’t be hurting later. Jason ordered the New York strip steak that came with mashed potatoes and sautéed escarole (we’ve never heard of this before (lol) but it’s kind of like Kale–Jason said it was good to eat with the potatoes). I ordered the Eggs Benedict and it was HEAVENLY! If I had the option to eat this every day of my life, I WOULD!Gluten free restaurants in NYC what to eat 0002


Friedman’s at Chelsea Market

We actually went here twice as well (not because it was super amazing, but because we made the mistake of trying to eat at Chelsea’s Market at 7 o’clock on a Saturday and everything else had CRAZY long lines). The first time we had spinach artichoke dip as an appetizer and I ordered the turkey burger with a gluten free bun. Jason had the skirt steak tacos. The spinach artichoke dip was pretty fabulous! The burger was okay–a little too charred for my taste. Jason said the tacos were good, too. Maybe not $18 good, but it’s New York. HAHA!

The second night we went (Saturday at 7:00PM) we ordered the spinach artichoke dip again and the homemade chips were terrible. They weren’t crispy at all, but the dip was amazing. I ordered the Cobb salad and was delightfully surprised! I usually order salad when I just don’t know what I want (and I usually definitely don’t want salad 😂), but this actually tasted SO GOOD. Jason ordered the Friedman burger and it was okay. We also only saw our server once that time and it was a night and day difference from the first time we visited.


The Sosta

We were wandering around Little Italy(I really wanted to eat at Pietro Nolita, but the wait time was an hour!) and we found this cute little place. It was the perfect amount of the perfect shade of pink and they DO offer gluten free options. I ordered the gemelli pesto gluten free pasta + chicken. It was a good snack. I’ve learned that you have to constantly eat in NYC because you’re constantly walking EVERYWHERE. Gluten free restaurants in NYC what to eat 0001


Other Restaurants that I had on my list but didn’t get to taste were:

Hu Kitchen –Paleo, vegan. I really wanted to try their PALEO COOKIES! I contemplated ordering $15 worth of them just to have grubhub deliver before we had to leave. haha!

Springbone Kitchen — promotes wholesome, real ingredients with many gluten free options

Bistango— offer gluten free pasta

The Picnic Basket–offers an array of sandwiches, salads, and soups with gluten free substitutions(They also leave out MSG and preservatives)

Mulberry & Vine— fresh build-your-own bowls with gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options

Carmine’s Italian Restaurant (We could have eaten this when we were around Time Square, but we weren’t in the mood to eat Italian and it was pretty pricey)–offers gluten free pasta

The Little Beet–build-your-own breakfast and lunch bowls (that look AMAZING). And they’re 100% gluten free!

S’MAC East Village –they specialize in Mac ‘n cheese. (I’m SUPER BUMMED I didn’t get to try their gluten free version!)

Colors Restaurant100% dedicated gluten free restaurant!

WHOS Gluten Free100% dedicated gluten free restaurant offering breakfast and lunch as well as snacks! Their French Toast looks absolutely AMAZING! Definitely trying it when we go back to NYC.

Now that you have all of these yummy restaurants to check out, you will probably need to map them out on Google! Check out this blog post on How To Make A Custom Travel Map Using Google Maps 

xoxo, Allison

 Allison Jeffers is a photographer and educator serving sweet couples and helping other creative entrepreneurs reach their goals. She specializes in wedding photography, elopements, and proposals as well as Bridal and Engagement portraits in Texas. She is available for travel worldwide and has her passport ready!

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