Three Rules You Need to Know Before Seeing Taylor Swift’s Stadium Tour

September 27, 2018

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THREE Rules You Need to Know Before Going to Taylor Swift’s Stadium Tour 

It’s literally no secret that I’m a ride or die Taylor Swift fan FOR LIFE. I saw her for the first time in concert this year in NYC (You can read more about that Here and why it took me so dang long to go to her concert) and we ran into some bumps along the road–rules that I have never heard of (perhaps, if you go to stadiums often you already know everything I’m about to tell you), so I knew I had to share what I have learned before she hits Texas this weekend! I have a lot of brides going to her concert and I can’t wait to see their Insta stories!

Here are the major rules

1.You can’t take your purse or bag in unless it’s TINY! Like a wallet with a strap, tiny!

“Fans attending any of the three shows are reminded that bags larger than a small wristlet or handheld wallet will not be allowed inside [the stadium], per the venue’s clear bag policy, which is in effect at all ticketed events. If carrying a bag into the stadium is necessary, there are two options: a clear plastic bag the size of a 1 gallon Ziploc bag or a small wristlet or handheld wallet not exceeding 8” x 5” x 2” (approximately the size of a hand).”

When we went to NYC to see Taylor, we had never heard these rules before! The Met Life stadium was kind enough to have a trailer where we could “check” our bags (we both brought our backpacks–dumb) for a small fee and they gave us clear bags for the items we wanted to take in.

Other stadiums do not offer this, and you either have to hide your stuff outside of the stadium somewhere or take it back to your car.

2. If you bring your “real” camera, the detachable lens cannot be greater than 3.5″. Some stadiums allow 4″. So this means, leave your big zoom lens at home. Other prohibited items: Go Pros, tripods, monopods, umbrellas (which SUCKS! So have a poncho just in case)

3. Dedicated Uber Parking–You can’t just walk out of the stadium and meet your uber driver. They have a specific lot where they have to stay. It’s best to schedule your ride ahead of time, because competing with 60,000 other people for an Uber can be exhausting and expensive! We ended up finding a Taxi for $120 for a 20 minute ride back into the city. Not our most glorious moment, ever, but our phones were dead and we didn’t even know which direction a train was.

When in doubt, go to the stadium’s website where the concert will be held and look at their rules! Every stadium has varying rules, but we have gone to two Reputation concerts this year (does that make me a groupie? lol) and they both had the same rules.

I don’t want to give too much away, buuuut…we had an amazing time! And yes, if Taylor wants me to photograph her wedding I wouldn’t be mad about it. 😜You can see my insta stories here!

PS I found some cute clear bags on Amazon that are stadium approved (and they come in multiple colors)!


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xoxo, Allison

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