Sapna + Sanju | A Fredericksburg Proposal

October 13, 2016

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a-fredericksburg-proposal-at-william-and-chris-winery_0023A Fredericksburg Proposal at William Chris Vineyards | Fredericksburg, Texas Wedding Photographer

Sanju get an A+ (times infinity) for orchestrating his proposal to Sapna. Last weekend they drove to Fredericksburg to celebrate her birthday weekend. He pampered her with a spa day and scheduled a tasting at William Chris Vineyards in Hye (fun fact: that’s where my grandma was born!) right outside of Fredericksburg. He brought a pastel pink tablecloth with flowers (he said his sister was a great help in this department!) and a wooden box shaped like a treasure chest. Inside it had some of their memories and a poem he wrote Sapna. He told her to stand up and open it and when she turned around, there he was, down on one knee. The other guests visiting William Chris cheered and I think we all shed a little tear. We had a mini engagement session and they enjoyed their celebratory wine and cheese! Congratulations, again, guys! I wish you nothing but the best :)


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xoxo, Allison

 Allison Jeffers is a photographer and educator serving sweet couples and helping other creative entrepreneurs reach their goals. She specializes in wedding photography, elopements, and proposals as well as Bridal and Engagement portraits in Texas. She is available for travel worldwide and has her passport ready!

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