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October 6, 2016

Bridal session at scenic springs wedding venue san antonio texasA Romantic Bridal Session at Scenic Springs Wedding Venue | San Antonio Wedding Photographer

Callie is MARRIED! That means I can share these beauties with the world! When I first arrived at Scenic Springs I was greeted by a beautiful peacock. Although he wasn’t very interested in a photoshoot, he let me snag a couple, and even showed off a little!
I had so much fun with Callie and her girls! When I saw Callie in this beautiful sparkly dress I immediately thought “wow, she looks like a real-life princess!” And it was totally twirlable–always a necessity ;) Bridal sessions have always been my favorite, and this is no exception. Not only do you get to feel like a BRIDE and take pretty photos to display at your reception, but you can test out your wedding hair, wedding makeup, and practice moving in your wedding dress–things you don’t think about before the wedding, otherwise :)

bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0001 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0002 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0003 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0004 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0005 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0006 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0007 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0008 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0009 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0010Callie made this bouquet, herself! No big deal (it’s beautiful!)bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0011 This dress had the perfect amount of sparkle! bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0012 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0013 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0014
bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0016bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0015 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0017 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0018 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0019 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0020 bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0022bridal-session-at-scenic-springs-wedding-venue-in-helotes-texas_0035

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