What To Wear For Your Engagement Session| Spring + Summer

July 1, 2019

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What to wear For Your Spring + Summer Engagement Photo Sessions | Destination Wedding Photographer

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know I LOOOOVE Lulus.com! I first heard about this company from my own clients, and when I tried them for myself I was hooked! Their clothing feels like luxury, but they won’t break the bank–unless you buy everything, of course 😂.


Style Tips

1 . I ALWAYS recommend at least one long flowy dress.

It adds drama. It adds romance. It gives you more variety in your images! My engagement sessions are roughly 1.5 hours long, so you have enough time for two dresses. The second dress can be just as dramatic, or can be more of a casual date night outfit(like when you’re first dating–not like when you’re together 10 years and wear yoga pants 100% of the time😂).

Engagement Photos at The Oaks At Boerne Wedding Venue 0076Bonus: Get a dress with a slit! (I’ve included a lot of slit options in this post)

2 . Take your insecurities into consideration.

I personally have flabby arms, and I know it. I’m also pear-shaped and lack in the boob department. SO I tried really hard to find a dress for me that wasn’t strapless/sleeveless. I went with a flutter sleeve instead! I also don’t have a flat stomach, so I stayed away from the fitted dresses. But I did recently start working out again, so maybe next time 😁. The best thing to do is try a dress on and look in the mirror. If you have to stand a certain way to like the way you look(Like sucking in or the Instabooty pic pose–you know what I’m talking about😂), that’s probably not the dress for you.

3 . Order Multiple Dress Options

It’s sometimes hard to envision yourself in dresses that are modeled by, literally, perfect tan people, so I suggest ordering multiple dresses and send back the one(s) you don’t care for on your body type/skintone.


4 . Choose a color that flatters your skin tone.

I have recently fallen so deep down this rabbit hole, and have discovered so much about my skin type and what looks good with my skin, hair, and eyes. I have come to realize I’ve been wearing the WRONG colors in the wrong shades!! To find your color type go to  https://yourcolorstyle.com/ to take their free quiz! They have color fans that tell you your most flattering colors as well as a DIY Color Style Kit that will help you find your “type” if you are unsure. This is not sponsored, but I do have a code for $7 off any product! REFBYU95CE2V5

Contigo Ranch Engagement Photos at Fredericksburg Wedding Venue 0035

 5 . Stay away from colors and patterns that don’t photograph well

Neon colors, extremely bright colors (AKA bright yellow–opt for mustard instead), and small patterns–plaids, houndstooth, chevrons. If you want a pattern, make sure it’s a larger pattern. Small patterns, especially when they have contrasting colors, become very busy on camera and distract the eye from the subject (YOU!)

6. Ask your fiancé dress up!

A lot of guys, my husband included, hate wearing “fancy” clothes. They’re not fond of the idea of wearing a suit in the middle of the wild, BUT IT LOOKS GOOD! And when he looks good, you will be happy. And Happy wife, happy LIFE.

King River Ranch Wedding Venue in Johnson City Engagement Photos in the white Pear blossoms by Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography 0003

Bonus: Bring your pup! And a floral collar 😍

7. Wear complimentary colors.

The days of couples wearing the exact same outfit is over (if you don’t believe me that this was a “thing”–in 1979 my parents wore matching western shirts 😂). If your fiancé has one suit, start there and work around that.

For our anniversary session in The French Quarter next month, I’m wearing a mustard dress and a green/teal dress. Since those are bright dresses and we are going to be surrounded by colors with our location, Jason’s black suit is going to be too harsh, so he’s going to wear his grey suit. But if he only had a black suit, I would probably wear a lighter shade of blue or any of the “soft floral”, “pink floral”, “lavender floral”, “fitted dresses”, or lighter “blue floral” options I listed below. But since my dresses are so obnoxious, his suit can’t be competing. haha! Do you pick up what I’m putting down? 😁

That’s all for now! I have listed all of the links to these dresses below, and the wonderful thing about Lulus is that there are usually a ton of reviews(with photos!) that you can look at for each dress! I’ve been shopping here for a couple of years now, and it’s my go-to online shop for the most beautiful dresses at a great price.

*Important note*

Some of these dresses are very popular and out of stock at the moment. Sign up for a restock alert, but also check back often because they restock as returns come in!

I also categorized the dresses for easier shopping. Have fun! :)


*PS by shopping through my links I am receiving a small commission that goes toward feeding my family of 10+ (1 husband, 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 stubborn goat, and chickens 😂), and it costs you nothing extra! We appreciate your support!


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Update 02/13/2021:

Pink/Blush Dresses

1. Aveline Mauve Pink Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress

2. In Love Forever Rose Pink Satin Lace-Up High-Low Maxi Dress

3. Marvelous Memories Dusty Lavender Cold-Shoulder Maxi Dress

4. Spectacular Moment Rose Gold Mermaid Maxi Dress

5. Heart of Passion Blush Pink Flutter Sleeve Lace-Up Maxi Dress

6. Sunshine Bound Mauve Pink Tiered Maxi Dress 


Flutter Sleeve Maxi Wrap Dresses

1.Heart of Marigold Black Wrap Maxi Dress

2. Heart of Marigold Denim Blue Wrap Maxi Dress

3. Heart of Marigold Burgundy Wrap Maxi Dress


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White Maxi Dresses With Sleeves 

1.Wondrous Water Lilies White Maxi Dress

2. Divine Love White Striped Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

3. Magnificent Romance White Satin Long Sleeve Mermaid Maxi Dress


Mauve + Burgundy Maxi Dresses

1.Garden Bliss Dusty Lavender Cutout Maxi Dress

2. Forever Romance Burgundy Backless Ruffled Maxi Dress 

3. Truly Dazzling Mauve Multi Glitter Sleeveless Maxi Dress 


Forest Green + Black Satin Dresses

1.Garden Bliss Emerald Green Cutout Maxi Dress

2. Ode To Love Black Satin Maxi Dress 

3. Good Times Only Hunter Green One-Shoulder Maxi Dress


White Maxi Dresses

(These look great with any setting!)

1. Eternity of Love White Halter Column Maxi Dress 

2. Heart of Marigold White Wrap Maxi Dress

3. Breezy Sunsets White Tie-Back Ruffled Maxi Dress

Casual Dresses

1.Beauty and Lace Pale Blush Crochet Lace Mini Dress

2. Hello Sweetheart White Puff Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress 

3. Be My Forever Love Light Pink Lace Embroidered Tiered Mini Dress

4. You’re My Home Black Eyelet Lace Button Front Tiered Midi Dress 


Solid Blues

what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0004a copy

1  Denim Blue Wrap Maxi Dress 

2 Slate Blue Off-the-Shoulder Wrap Maxi Dress 

3 Evening Navy Blue Lace Maxi Dress

4 Slate Blue Maxi Dress  

5 Navy blue Lace back Maxi Dress

Soft Shades

what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0016a

1 .  Blush Wrap Maxi Dress

2 .  Mauve Maxi Dress

3 .  Blush Pink Maxi Dress

4 .  Lavender Sequin Maxi Dress

5 .  Golden Yellow Wrap Maxi Dress (softer in person–this is one of my picks!)

6 .  Mauve Lace Maxi Dress

A note about blush dresses: If you are pale like me, be sure to give yourself enough time to return and reorder. These super light colors can sometimes wash us out.



lightroom mobile presets collection



Soft Florals

1 what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0002

1 .  Cream Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress

2 .  Ivory Floral Print Maxi Dress

3 .  Blue and White Floral Print Pleated Wrap Maxi Dress

4 .  Cream Floral Print Maxi Dress (I have this one and it’s 10x lovelier in person!)

5 .  Blush and Ivory Floral Print Maxi Dress


Pink Floral Dresses


what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0018a copy 1 . Blush Pink Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress 

2 . Blush Pink Floral Print Maxi Dress

3 . Mauve Pink Floral Print Surplice Maxi Dress

4 .  Light Pink Floral Print Maxi Dress –Discontinued

5 .  Rusty Rose Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress

6 . Blush Floral Print Sleeveless Maxi Dress

7 .  Bold Blush Floral Print Maxi Dress

8 . Blush Floral Print Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress

9 . Blush And Yellow Floral Print Maxi Dress–Discontinued


Lavender Floral Dresses

what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0010a copy1 .  Lavender Sleeveless Floral Print Maxi Dress

2 .  Lavender Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress

3 .  Lavender Floral Lace-Up High-Low Maxi Dress


Yellow + Green Floral Dresses


what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0015a

1 .  Mustard Yellow Floral Print Backless Maxi Dress

2 .  Sage Green Floral Print Maxi Dress

3 . Green Floral Print Backless Maxi Dress



lightroom mobile presets bright and airy




Casual Dresses


what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0007a copy

1 . Golden Yellow Floral Print Midi Dress–Discontinued

2 . Royal Blue and Nude Crochet Lace Mini Dress

3 . Blush Floral Print Midi Wrap Dress

4 . Light Blue Skater Dress

5 . Yellow Floral Print Midi Wrap Dress

6 .  Blue and White Striped Ruffled Button Front Dress


Dainty Layering Necklaces


1 what to wear for my engagement photo session spring dresses 0016

1 . Silver Rhinestone Layered Necklace – $14

2 . Rose Gold Layered Choker Necklace – $15

3 . Gold Layered Necklace – $12

4 . Sterling Silver Rhinestone Drop Necklace – $29

5 . Trio Gold Layered Necklace – $18 I bought this one and LOOOVE it!

6 . Gold and Pearl Layered Necklace – $13

7 . Gold Rhinestone Layered Necklace – $16

8 . Silver Layered Necklace – Discontinued


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xoxo, Allison

 Allison Jeffers is a photographer and educator serving sweet couples and helping other creative entrepreneurs reach their goals. She specializes in wedding photography, elopements, and proposals as well as Bridal and Engagement portraits in Texas. She is available for travel worldwide and has her passport ready!

  1. Kristin Nichole says:

    I relate to not being a fan of my arms and dresses/outfits tight around my tummy. I usually try to find a dress tight on my chest and one that flows from there as well as covering the top part of my arms. Lots of dresses have flowy shoulders now that look so gorgeous. I love it. And I never thought about skin tones, hair, and eye color when picking out colors of clothes! This is definitely something I am going to look into.

    • admin says:

      Kristen I’m so glad this was helpful!! Your favorite type of dress is my favorite type of dress too! They’re SO flattering! Have fun shopping :)

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